007_optVintage Fitness Studio of Vermont offers a new and unique way of fitness training, free of overly repetitive activities and worn out machinery.  The first thing clients will notice about VFSV is the open space and utter lack of traditional exercise machinery.  We provide plenty of fitness equipment but it is all people powered.  Our fitness programs focus on high intensity training in a motivational small group environment.  Classes are all capped at 18 motivated and fitness minded participants per class.  Classes are high energy, exciting, challenging and fresh.  Classes are held in our attractive and open space full of vintage, yet state-of-the-art equipment.  We use vintage style training techniques in a constantly changing fashion in order to stimulate your body to adapt and thus grow and gain fitness in a way most people have never experienced.



We offer 4 basic fitness programs.  The mainstay of our fitness programs is the 90-Day program.  Studies have shown that the minimum time required to begin to increase one's fitness level is 8-12 weeks; thus, our emphasis on a 90 day fitness period.  With this theory in mind, clients commit to a 90-Day fitness period.  Clients have a choice of selecting the early morning, mid-day or evening class period.  When clients sign up for a 90-day program they in effect reserve that class time each week for 90 days.  In this way, clients will work along side of the same people for the next 90-days.  Clients are encouraged to sign up with friends or family members but if they do not, by the end of 90 days clients are sure to have made some pretty strong connections with other people in their class.


Our 90-Day Program is broken down into three versions:  the 1-day per week,  the 2-day per week, and the 3-day per week program. Which program a client chooses will depend upon their level of fitness, their level of dedication, their schedule and their finances. Clients may vary widely in these areas and thus the 3 options we offer allow for more flexibilty within the programs.    The 1-day per week program totals 13 workouts , the 2-day per week program totals 26 and the 3-day program totals 39 workouts, all in 90 days.  In all options, that amounts to less than $10.00 per class with more motivation than any treadmill or elliptical trainer will ever be able to provide.  If a client must miss a class during their 90-Day Program, that class may be made up with a Drop-In session.  If a client will be unable to attend their reserved sessions for a time period (perhaps due to travel) we can set them up with a home program using a Jungle Gym.


Our fourth option is not a true program but an open class we call the Drop-In Session.  These are classes that are open to all and especially useful to clients who do not want to commit to a 90-DayProgram or those clients who are in a 90-Day Program but happen to miss a class for some reason.  Drop-In sessions are also capped at 18 participants and slots in these classes are not guaranteed but on a first come, first serve basis.  Once 18 participants are signed in for a Drop-In session, that session is closed to all others.  Weekday Drop-In sessions cost $12.00 per class and weekend Drop-In sessions cost $15.00 per class.