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11 North Main St. #10

Vergennes, VT 05491



Upstairs in the Kennedy Bros. Building



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At Vintage Fitness Studio of Vermont our mission is simple:  increase the fitness levels of average people in our community. As healthcare providers, treating patients in both acute and chronic pain, our perspective on fitness is unique. We have both determined that nearly of our patients would not only benefit from increased levels of fitness but might even turn their lives around completely.  Chronic pain and disease are steadily increasing in our population and we would like to offer a solution. That solution is MOVEMENT!

We have recognized that it is not enough to merely treat pain when it occurs. We must teach people how to strenghten their bodies to make them more resilient to injury, more effective in their activities of daily living and more capable of pursueing the activities that they enjoy. All of this results in a better quality of life!

Our motto at VFSV is "Life is heavy, train for life!".

We understand that life can be challenging and difficult at times. We need to be prepared for those challenges. Our training techniques come with the added instruction of how to apply this to real activites in life. Things like moving furniture, shoveling snow and picking up toddlers can all be done safely and effectively if one is trained properly.

So how do we do this? We use functional tools. There are NO machines at VFSV. We use kettlebells, ropes, suspension loops, boxes and good old bodyweight. There are NO mirrors at VFSV. We want you to learn how to move using your innate sense of proper form. Trying to watch yourself in a mirror is distracting and often inhibiting.

We take your fitness seriously. You have many fitness options out there and we know it takes time and commitment to make fitness a part of your life. We run a tight schedule and we rarely cancel a class.

The most important mission at VFSV is that we want fitness to be FUN! Our workouts are always changing and evolving! You join in the camaraderie of working in a group, challenging and encouraging each other. AND we play some great music!