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11 North Main St. #10

Vergennes, VT 05491



Upstairs in the Kennedy Bros. Building



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As a 50+ nordic skier, adding a kettlebell program has been a great supplement to the endurance training I’ve done for years, and has helped me break out of the rut of doing the same old workouts over and over. I’ve seen definite improvements in truly “useable” core strength, especially.  Joel and Kim’s diverse workouts keep me moving and pushing myself, and the jovial, non-judgmental comradery in the sessions keeps me coming back for more.                                  -Tim Cowan, Vergennes

VFSV Rocks. Ski season always starts strong due to my KB training. Oh, and Kim and Joel are made of steel.

-Neil Kamman, Vergennes

It took me a year to go take a class with Joel. I was so nervous. I was out of shape and I was sore for days but I came back and I am still coming back. Why? Because it works. I am strong and excited to start riding my road bike this spring. My clothes fit better, I have back muscles for the first time in my life. It's crazy how this class energizes me all week long and has improved my yoga practice.


I love my 6:30 am class, they make me laugh and keep me honest. None of them give a whit if I have to modify moves for an injury or if I am just not fit enough yet. Joel keeps the motivation and the music going at just the right level and I feel my fitness increase each and every class.


Don't wait a year like I did - take a class!                - Susan Shashok, East Middlebury

I may be your biggest fan.

I will lay some truths on you.

I have been swinging kettlebells for years ever since Neil Kamman introduced me to Joel’s class in the gym at the elementary school on Sundays. I liked it so much I bought my own set of kettlebells. I take them everywhere. If you know me you know that’s no shit.

If I make it to 2 of Joel’s kettlebell classes per week I feel much better for it. I shoot for 3X per week, 4 if I can sneak it in. I hate to miss one. These workouts are awesome. There is no downside to doing this. Their gym is a great atmosphere to find yourself in. VFSV is a bright, cheerful, open space with friendly people with great attitudes and lots of smiles. The classes are well run, the programs are designed and executed well. I know they work, I can see the results. I look forward to my time there like a kid waits for recess on a nice day.

So if you find yourself beat down with a jones, rise up! Swap that out for a new life as a more fit individual. Boost confidence, strength, endurance, balance, and overall health with some regular visits to VFSV. Spartans, Tough Mudders, Marathons, Shale Hill, Snake Mountain, what have you got lined up? Can do! See you on top!

HOO ah.

-Joe Painting, Ferrisburg

I was skeptical about joining a class, because it's hard to keep a schedule when you first retire.  A friend convinced me that this class on Tuesday and Thursday was 'fun.'  I am so grateful.  We laugh.  We work hard.  We get results!  Join us!    -Carol Spencer, Vergennes